Sakamoto Prayer Update, 11/2013

Sakamoto Prayer Update, 11/2013

Immanuel Baptist Church Missions Conference
Satomi and Stephen were privileged to attend Immanuel Baptist Church’s Missions Conference in mid-October (Richmond, VA., OCT. 18~20). We had a very encouraging time, and met many church members with a heart for GOD and missions, and us! GOD moved 14 new persons to sign up to pray with us for the spiritual needs of Japan and our church planting ministry here in Kobe, Japan! Thank you Immanuel Baptist Church for allowing us the privilege to be included as one of your partner missionaries.

PRAY that GOD would use the personal decisions made the final night of the conference for Him and involvement in world missions to bear eternal fruit for His Kingdom.

Weros Family Ministry here in Kobe (NOV 1~10)
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Virginia Weros, and their daughter Abigail (13) are here in Kobe to help us with outreach meetings. Our prayer request is new individual persons would be drawn/sent to these meetings by GOD. Nine (9) special outreach meetings are planned, at four (4) different locations.
Short violin concerts, handcraft times, baking and Virginia’s testimony times, are the activities we are advertising. PRAY that GOD would draw/send persons to the planned meetings who want to know how to know GOD and want to know the true meaning of life!

New Meeting Location since last month October 2013!
After a few years of praying and dreaming for a Sunday meeting location outside of our home, GOD wonderfully led us to a perfect location for our church plant! It is next to the small shopping center very near our neighborhood and home, on the major bus line for our area, next to a large free parking lot. It was available for us to use on Sunday mornings at a very reasonable rent rate. PRAY that we will be faithful to use this location to its most effectiveness for worship and outreach meetings, so our church plant members will invite family and friends, and they will become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Satomi’s food preservative allergy
Satomi continues to learn to adjust to finding our what food products she can and cannot eat. Preservatives are in so many prepared foods, and even in grocery foods and restaurant foods. PRAY for us to not be obsessed with her allergies and foods, but to sincerely rejoice in what is available to eat in abundance naturally, and to glorify GOD all the time through this.

Stephen is developing our 2014 Ministry Vision for our church planting ministry. PRAY for clarity, faith, courage to define GOD’s leading for 2014 ministry goals; then faith and courage and perseverance to carry out our 2014 Ministry Vision.

Mrs. F has tuberculosis. In Japan this means she must be hospitalized for a while. We do not know how long. Those who have had been with her anytime within the last three months must be contacted, and possibly tested for tuberculosis. PRAY for quick and complete healing for her, and family concerns during her hospitalization.

Thank you for your continued labor of prayer with us daily. We need and ask for your ministry of prayer.
We hope you know the value of your partnership by praying with us for our stated requests.
Thank you!

By His grace,
Stephen, Satomi, Jessica, and Jennifer SAKAMOTO

Prltr.2013.11. page.2 Sakamoto November JAPAN Prayer Update
***please pray ONE DAY in advance, as Japan time is one day ahead of the US in date/time!

1 NOV we have been praying about outreach meetings in NEW locations. PRAY for guidance and timing
2 NOV PRAY for us to disciple our believers to maturity and for them to evangelize & train others
3 NOV SUN may GOD send new persons to our church plant from personal invitation by our members
4 NOV PRAY for the development of a Japan-wide church planting movement in our generation
5 NOV Mini Violin Concern/Craft Outreach in our neighborhood —PRAY that GOD will send new contacts
***Baking & Parenting Outreach in Awaji Island moved to THUR, Nov. 7th;
6 NOV Outreach: Baking & Virginia’s salvation & maturing testimony—held here in our home
7 NOV AM—Violin/Craft Outreach in Neighborhood; 2:00 PM Baking & Parent’g Outreach in Awaji Island.
PRAY—GOD would draw seekers to Himself, use WEROS Family deeply in lives of those who come
8 NOV Outreach meeting in our neighborhood—Baking & Virginia’s salvation and maturing testimony
9 NOV prayer walk, prayer meeting, Bible Study, on Port Island; perhaps a future ministry site?
10 NOV SUN Michael Weros preach for Sunday Service; salvation of Mrs. H; GOD is working in her heart
11 NOV sightseeing to Kyoto with Weros family; refreshment, fellowship, safety.
12 NOV Satomi—AM meeting & lunch with Kindergarten mothers of past Parenting seminars for follow-up
13 NOV every WED: Satomi—Ladies Eng class; women’s Bible St.; Stephen—Kindergarten Eng & Bible
14 NOV we are sojourners on this earth; may all of us always have Christ and eternity in our eyes
15 NOV message & teaching prep, mtg planning time for Stephen and Satomi
16 NOV praise: our college daughters Jessi (jr) & Jenni (freshman), are growing & being stretched in their
faith in Jesus Christ; PRAY they love GOD, love their neighbor as their self, and make disciples for Christ
17 NOV SUN may GOD speak through Stephen for His glory, and growth in faith of all who come today
18 NOV our marriage—love, rest, vibrancy, excitement between us as we grow closer to Jesus Christ
19 NOV Satomi—Bible & Baking Club, Awaji Island at M/M Nakamura’s home. PRAY for salvation for all.
20 NOV PRAY: perseverance & joy for Jessi, to grow deep in faith, daily Bible rdg & prayer, godly friends
21 NOV PRAY: perseverance & joy for Jenni, to grow deep in faith, daily Bible rdg & prayer, godly friends
22 NOV may the persons who came to the Weros’ meetings come to follow up meetings we invite them to
23 NOV praise GOD for providing a wonderful location for our Sunday church plant meetings
24 NOV SUN may GOD send new persons to our church plant from personal invitation by our members
25 NOV message & teaching prep, mtg planning time for Stephen and Satomi
26 NOV Satomi—Parenting Class for Kindrgrt’n moms. PRAY that GOD would soften their hearts for Him.
27 NOV may Jessi & Jenni have contentment this holiday weekend, separated from us & each other
28 NOV we thank GOD for His gracious abundant provision for our spiritual and emotional needs
29 NOV we are still lacking in monthly financial support. PRAY—for GOD to supply thru His people
30 NOV we need a children’s ministry worker, who can speak some Japanese, to help for 2 years
1 DEC SUN we ask GOD for all who come today to have a humble, teachable heart, hungry for GOD
2 DEC physical, emotional, spiritual vitality and protection for Satomi, Jessi, Jenni, and Stephen
3 DEC Satomi—Parenting Class for Kindrgrt’n moms. PRAY for spiritual movement toward Christ for all
4 DEC the believers of our church plant—PRAY for daily Bible reading, prayer, hearts to be discipled
5 DEC Stephen—please PRAY for him as he develops our 2014 Ministry Vision

Thank you for your partnership of prayer with us for church planting in Japan.

Love & aloha, Stephen, Satomi, Jessi, and Jenni SAKAMOTO